Bowel Movement (BM) 101

if you're alive, you have to move your bowels. Also, you likely have an odd bowel movement from time to time. Or, potentially, your BM is odd most of the time. Regardless, you BM a lot and probably want to BM better.

Improved Bowel Movement

If you've ever had a smelly, painful, bloody, stringy, orange or green striped bowel movement, you need some answers to some questions. BM should be easy, pain-free, and regular, but for many people it is not. The pages on this site should inspire you to learn a bit and then talk to your doctor about your awful colon output. After all, your health is one of the most important things you've got, and your bowel health is a major indicator of how the rest of you is doing.

Our BM Topics

For information about common bowel movement problems, please try these pages:

Happy reading!